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  • Author
    Peter Shaffer
  • Overview
    Salieri is sitting on the stage, hearing voices all around him, hearing yet the music of his enemy, his master, recalling memories of Mozart. He met the young crazy man in his forties when he was himself the first musician of the court. As an italian composer, he was the most fashionable artist, earning favors from any philanthropist around the king. Until Amadeus came. The young man, was full of an incredible energy, and believed in a proper german music instead of the usual italian style. He soon became the new sensation of the court. But Salieri was a jealous man, he couldn't stand the young agitated beginner and he plotted to stop Mozart's advancement. Being aware of the Wolfgang's dissolute life, he used his powers to create the disagreement of the court, and the decline of the young composer. By doing so, he came closer to Mozart and discovered his music. It was an enchantment. How could it be possible that such a piece of magnificence came from a disordered man? But it was already too late, Salieri both fascinated and revolted by this genius, brought Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to poverty. Althought he knew how important Mozart should be, he wanted to keep his own position as the first musician. He tells us the story of his own terrifying achievment, the loss of the greatest musician on earth. Mozart died in poverty thanks to Salieri, and now Salieri dies in guilt, surrounded by the sound of Amadeus' music, through which he can hear a voice, his own voice declaring the truth: murderer.

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