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  • Author
    Faith Bleasdale
  • Written
  • Setting
  • Overview
    Welcome to the marriage of two families, where decision, the whirlwind wedding circus is on the bride and groom are lost in the chaos. Take the move without them. While their frenzied your place in the wedding circus with the families race to ensure this is the most crooning aunties and dancing drunken uncles, elaborate wedding Windsor has ever seen, Join our frenzied families as they hunt for the the young couple's cold feet threaten to enter ladoos and prepare for the most spectacular the wedding mandap; and while the missing wedding of the season. Come and celebrate gifts continue to cause mayhem, years of The Deranged Marriage in all its shoulder family conflict bubbling under the surface look shaking, sari swirling, heart wrenching glory! likely to spill over. In the midst of the glittering jewels and spectacular saris, crooning aunties Rishi and Sona have just met, now they're and drunken uncles, is the reason behind it all getting married and although this was their being lost?

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