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  • Author
    Henrik Ibsen
  • Written
  • Setting
    a small Norwegian seaport in the 1870s
  • Overview
    Bernick is a businessman who is, on the surface at least, a ‘pillar of the community’. He allows his home to used as the base for a group entitled ‘The Society for the morally wounded’, led by a puritanical teacher-zealot Rørlund, who ensures his devotees do not indulge in any dubious activities such as rambling or watching a circus parade! But while the women folk are busy sewing and mending in the living room, Bernick is busy putting together a business deal for a new railway to be routed through land which he has acquired at a knock-down price on the basis of his insider knowledge of the railway’s imminent arrival. He stands to make a killing, even though he needs to perform some fancy footwork to get round the fact that he opposed a previous plan to build a railway – on the basis that it would have harmed the community, of course.

    But we soon learn that there are darker secrets buried in Bernick’s past when his old flame and her half brother, Johan, return unexpectedly from America. Johan took the wrap for a dubious sexual liaison and financial scandal which Bernick hoped would remain out of the public domain in the far depths of America. But, Johan finds his loyalty misplaced when Bernick refuses to clear Johan of blame. However, Bernick is still in deep water, since Johan is set to spill the beans, leaving Bernick facing financial and social ruin.

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Alternative Names

Pillars of Community, Pillars of Society, Pillars of the Community, The Pillars of Community, The Pillars of Society