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  • Author
    Francis Durbridge
  • Written
  • Setting
    set in the 1970’s GB
  • Overview
    "Suddenly at Home" is an eight-person play telling a white-knuckle story of love and greed.
    This explosive narrative is magnetic for audiences. Ignited with lust, wrath and greed, it will have you permanently on the edge of your seat and relieved to see the curtain call!

    Suddenly At home is set in the 1970’s. Maggie Howard is an extremely wealthy woman and doesn’t mind letting people know it. Her husband Glen Howard is unsatisfied with his life and craves a fresh start, one filled with money and prospect. It seems the only way to reach his idyllic dream is by murdering his wife.

    Different characters weave in and out, causing mayhem

    What is so incredible about this production is the fact that it has only one setting; Glen Howard’s flat. All the action takes place within the living room and it makes the show even more dramatic and intense to watch, especially as the different characters weave in and out, causing mayhem for Glen. The audience were able to engage their imagination and provide an image in their mind of what was happening in the concealed rooms such as the bedroom, the kitchen and even what was happening outside.

    The dramatic pauses were simply nail biting. Furthermore the use of the flat’s telephone was brilliant, whenever it rang the audience would become hypnotised as they waited for the identity of the caller to be revealed. This added anticipation and made you wonder what could possibly happen next.

    One piece of music was reminiscent of The Excorcist theme tune

    Sometimes the addition of dramatic music, which was used to foreshadow danger or deceit, seemed sudden but it did manage to add tension to the scene. However one piece was reminiscent of The Excorcist theme tune and it made you wonder if a blood dripping demon was about to appear. But this could have been used deliberately to hint at Glen Howard’s evil nature.

    All the cast performed perfectly as an ensemble. Karen Henson who played Helen Tenby was natural and confident in her performance. She added tension to scenes through her character's innocent nature, especially when her curiosity and suspicion began to cause problems for other characters. Jeremy Lloyd-Thomas was the star of the show, he managed to convey his characters anxiety and angst with great energy, adding suspense to the scenes.