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  • Author
    Francis Durbridge
  • Written
  • Setting
    GB in the present.
  • Overview
    PUBLISHER Howard Mansfield (Michael Howe) is a puzzled man. His wife Joanna (Anita Harris) is behaving oddly and won't say why. Eventually she promises to tell him everything but only later in the evening.

    Then Howard comes home early to find Joanna in the same room as a blood-stained body. At this point, instead of insisting on an explanation, as any normal person would, Howard packs his wife off to their country cottage promising to sort things out.

    All a little far-fetched, but this is perhaps to be expected in the darkly devious world of Francis Durbridge, whose thriller Fatal Encounter twists and turns through mystery and murder. Indeed, as one riddle appears to be solved, another presents itself, so that Howard – and the audience – are kept guessing.

    Who, therefore, is the elusive Mr Big behind all the blackmail? Why is secretary Hilary Van Zale (Miranda Magee) so worried? And why does Grace Kingsley (Susan Skipper) not turn up for an important board meeting?