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  • Author
    Moira Buffini
  • Written
  • Setting
    flips back and forth between Victorian London and the modern day
  • Overview
    The synopsis of the play is ambiguous. Are the two central characters, the argumentative Eleanor and Claire, mother and daughter, as the eldest contends, or are they sisters? Are they vampires, on the look out for new meat, or simply troubled young women on the run? It's an attractive conceit, and one that draws in the punters - Queens drama professor David Grant is almost turned away, but they manage to fit him in somehow.

    The gothic atmosphere of the Elmwood Hall is the perfect setting for a story that flips back and forth between Victorian London and the modern day. The thrust stage is sparsely set, with school chairs littered here and there in the shadow of a lighting rig, which has dismembered mannequins protruding from between the bars. Downstage a girl in Victorian dress sits at a desk writing, even as the audience take their seats. This girl is Ella, a duplicate of the troubled Eleanor, who often echoes her lines.

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