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    Louisa May Alcott
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    Little Women, a much loved classic, was written in 1867 and is a fictionalised biography of it's writer Louise May Alcott and her sisters.

    Pretty Meg, boyish Jo, affected Amy and gentle Beth are the Little Women of the March family. Father March is away at the Civil War battlefront, and although times are hard, they have a stable and happy home with their hard-working Mother or 'Marmee', a women both strong and sensative enough to consider the happiness of her children more highly than the expectations of society. Each daughter resolves to embrace their pilgrim lifestyle, and also to overcome their individual flaws before the long-anticipated return of their Father.

    One Christmas day, the kind-hearted girls sacrifice their special breakfast for the impoverished Hammel famiy. This act of generosity is rewarded with a surprise Christmas feast by wealthy neighbour Mr Lawrence. A further encounter between his adopted grandson 'Laurie' and aspiring writer Jo a year later, both having hidden behind the curtain at a fashionable New Year's Eve dance, leads to animated conversation and marks the start of a firm friendship between the two characters and prospective households.

    Events become increasingly dark and dramatic with their absent father becoming ill, Jo selling her beautiful long hair, and Beth becoming a invalid due to Scarlet Fever after catching it from the young Hammel baby who died in her arms.

    Little Women charts the girls various journeys of self-discovery and progression into being cultured young ladies. The play is a moving portrayal of love, friendship, the process of growing up and struggling with the harsh realities of life, including the complications of romance, pressures of marriage and the outside world.

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