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  • Author
    Christopher Marlowe
  • Written
    circa 1592
  • Overview
    Faustus was born to lowly parents in Rhodes. He studied hard in
    Wittenberg and although he is a gifted student in divinity he is not
    satisfied. He decides to study magic, black magic. He gets two of his
    friends, Valdes and Cornelius, who practice magic to teach him.

    Before his friends arrive a good angel and a bad angel visit Faustus.
    Unaware of their presence Faustus is being urged on by the bad angel
    and discouraged by the good angel. Valdes and Cornelius arrive and
    begin to teach him the basics.

    During the magic session Faustus conjures up the devil,
    Mephistophilis. Faustus has blasphemed against God in his spells and
    the devil offers to claim his soul. Faustus makes a deal with the
    devil. He agrees to give his soul to Mephistophilis in 24 years in
    exchange for the devil's service for that period.

    Faustus has a successful career in black magic with the devil at his
    side. However as his 24 year promise runs out he considers repenting –
    but as a last request asks the devil bring him Helen of Troy to be his

    Ultimately Faustus confesses the secrets of his deal to a group of
    scholarly friends. He is advised by them to repent – but it is too
    late. The devils come and take him away.
  • Play
    Download the text for free from Project Gutenberg here: The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

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Alternative Names

Doctor Faustus, Dr Faustus, Dr. Faustus, Faustus