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  • Author
    Willy Russell
  • Written
  • Setting
    Liverpool, UK
  • Overview
    A contemporary musical which examines how class can divide two families. The main character Mrs Johnstone, finds herself pregnant with twins although she already has many children and is struggling to make ends meet. Her employer, Mrs Lyons desperately wishes to conceive although cannot. She is very wealthy and begs Mrs Johnson to give her one of her newborn sons to bring up as her own. Mrs Johnstone is desperately worried that she cannot afford another child so reluctantly, agrees. The plot then follows the two twins Eddie and Mickey as they grow up . Eddie, under Mrs Lyon's care, enjoys a privileged background with private schooling and a university education. Mickey has a much harder life and struggles to keep a job. Despite this they grow up the best of friends. The play follows the trials and tribulations of the twins and reaches a crescendo when they discover they share fresh and blood.

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