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    Robin Hood was originally born into a upper class family that owned the land on which Sherwood Forest grows. As a teen he left the family home to travel the world. He was gone for so long that his doting father gave him up for dead. When Robin finally returns home he finds his father has been murdered and the murderer taken over his land. Robin retreats into the forest where he finds many other families have been forced to take refuge there already. As a group they decide to fight back and begin charging a toll off anyone who travel through the forest by robbing them. They 'rob from the rich and give to the poor'. Prince John who temparily rules the province of Sherwood began to wage a personal war against Robin and his Merry Men. In the mean time Robin fell in love with the King's cousin Maid Marrion and Prince John decided he would marry her regardless of Maid Marrion's opinion on the matter. Prince John attacks the Merry Men's hideout in the forest and many are captured and put on trial. Robin and remaining Merry Men attempt to rescue them and abort Marrion and Prince John's impending wedding. The rescue goes well. Prince John is foiled and Maid Marrion agrees to marry Robin Hood. At the wedding the King arrives and gives his blessing on the whole situation. It is a happy ending.

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