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  • Author
    Daniel Janoff
  • Overview
    The key to happiness requires a belief in the unbelievable. Or rather, a belief in the suspension of disbelief. A play this likable can get away with a lot, even an overarching message tie-dyed with clichés. Like, say, romantic love that arrives on your doorstep like the package you never ordered.

    Meet Sunshine, a serial debunker who attaches little meaning to the sweet fictions of life. She returns to her childhood home where she intends to dig up the truth about a man who once claimed superhero status after saving a woman stranded in a car. There is a mystery to be uncovered, and Sunshine’s no-nonsense bitchiness (the irony of her name is less bothersome than it sounds) stands in contrast to the townies she encounters—specifically the laidback charms of Rhett, who impressively procures some beers by calling out to a passing car: “Set me up with a couple!” He’s that guy.

    They flirt, unevenly and awkwardly, and gradually it progresses once Sunshine gets a makeover—literally—and tosses off her wet blanket once and for all.

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Ben Evans-Clarke
Ben Evans-Clarke
Deputy Stage Manager
2015, Venue Technician
Sir John Deanes College, Northwich
Mab Rose
Mab Rose
2007, Featured Singer and Dancer
New Wimbledon Theatre
Yvette Goater
2007, ensemble
The New Wimbledon Theatre