Plays Directory : Lady Cecily's Sound Box

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  • Author
  • Written
    late 19th century
  • Setting
    late 19th Century England
  • Overview
    When Lady Cecily Ruddle dies, her favourite granddaughter, Emily, inherits a box of curious gadgets. Might they be of interest to Thomas Edison or Marconi? They certainly are of interest to Emily's scheming twin sister, Elizabeth.

    The tale involves mistaken identities, murderous shenanigans and explores the principles of Sound technology with all the fun and gusto of the Victorian Music Hall!

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Connected mandy members:

Saz Peters
Saz Peters
2019, Actor- Elizabeth, Emily, Maria
Northern Ireland, Wales, North East England
Laura Samson
Laura Samson
2018, Emily, Elizabeth & Maria
Ben Gardner Gray
2018, Vic/ Gordon/Foster/MC
Tom Stentaford
2013, Victor/Gordon/
Stephanie McKervill
2013, Emily/Elizabeth/Maria
Primary School Tour
James Austin Harvey
2012, Victor Brit, Gordon Sham, Sir Foster Ramrod
South Wales Tour
Emily Summers
2012, Emily/Elizabeth/Maria
Andrew Utley
Andrew Utley
2012, Director
Karl Greenwood
2012, Foster/Gordon/Vic
Francis Smith
2011, MC/Foster/Gordon/Vic
Andrew Utley
Andrew Utley
2011, Vic Brit/ Gordon Sham/ Sir Foster Ramrod
Philip Armstrong
2010, Sir Foster Ramrod &c
Rebekah Daven Watson
2009, Emily, Elizabeth & Maria
Olivia Nelson
2005, Lady Cecily
Simon Capes
Simon Capes
2004, Vic Brit/Gordon/Sir Foster Ramrod
Eliza Williams
2002, Elizabeth/Emily/Maria
Kimberley Palmer
2002, Various
Paul Dunn
Paul Dunn
2001, Vic Brit / Foster Ramrod / Gordon Sham