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  • Author
    Nicky Silver
  • Written
  • Setting
    desert island scenario
  • Overview
    An unusual fate has befallen Phyllis Hogan and her young son Bishop. En route to Italy, where they were meant to join husband and father, Howard Hogan, a philandering film director, their plane has crashed. With all the other passengers dead, they find themselves stranded on a desert island. Under the glaring sun that beats down on their unknown location, they consume the cosmetic provisions from Phyllis’ handbag. When these run out, survival measures become more drastic: Phyllis sends Bishop to cut limbs off the dead passengers… for dinner.

    Five years on, Phyllis and Bishop are miraculously rescued from the island, but the creatures that return to Howard Hogan’s apartment - which he meanwhile shares with his mistress, the wannabe actress Pam – bear scant resemblance to the wife and son that once set off for Italy. Subsistence in the wilderness, incest and cannibalism have taken their toll. While Phyllis has retreated into a world of her own from which she is rarely able or willing to connect with reality, Bishop has turned from a shy, stuttering schoolboy into a brutal beast immune to most people’s natural inhibitions.

    Howard Hogan does not have the heart to disclose to his dishevelled wife that he intends to marry Pam. Blind to the extent to which insanity has entered his living room, he forces his live-in lover to hide and pretend she is the maid. Meanwhile the bloodthirsty Bishop pursues his island ways… with deadly consequences.

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