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  • Author
    Norman Frederick Simpson
  • Written
  • Overview
    An Elephant is delivered to a suburban couple, only problem is, its the wrong size. A Resounding Tinkle was first performed at the Royal Court thirty years ago. The Royal Court discovered a master of dialogue reminding one inevitably of Ionesco. It is a devistating and extremely funny analysis of suburban inanity, illustrating to the full NF Simpson's complete mistrust of authority coupled with a 'passionate respect for the sanctity of the individual' -Kenneth Tynan. "Wally" Simpson refuses to categorise his own dramatic work but whichever label the critical powers decide to pin on him for posterity it is certain that he has cut a refreshing new channel in English Drama. One word of warning. Do not approach A Resounding Tinkle with any preconceived ideas of a profound, satirical study, or you may find Mr. Simpson laughing at you through his sou'wester.

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