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    The Mysteries tell the story of the bible. It was written originally during the middle age, but now the directors rewrite their own version, usually mixing old English and more modern language. Each story is usually short but goes to the point. Then, one would naturally think: “Why would I want to see the Bible on stage?” If you take a closer look at it, it tells amazing stories. It’s not just about showing the bible. It’s about explaining the behaviour of real people. It starts with the creation where Lucifer defies God and ends up in hell and it naturally finishes when God decides to destroy the world. Quite a lot of famous stories appear in the play: Adam and Eve, The arc of Noah, Herod and the babies murder, the birth of Jesus, The passion and the crucifixion. The most important is the one of Jesus as it goes from his birth all the way to his death. Everything he went through during his life is shown during a mystery play. How did the people react when they met the Messiah? How could a man like Pilates being pushed into condemning Jesus? How could Joseph believe that his wife was always faithful to him? How did one man bring another back to life? Those questions are to be answered by the mysteries. Originally those performances were designed by churchmen in order to educate and explain the gospels to the people, now they are a traditional form of popular theatre.