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  • Author
    Emily Bronte
  • Overview
    Set against a backdrop of the wild and tempestuous Yorkshire Moors, Wuthering Heights sets the scene for one of the greatest tragic love stories of all time. Told from the experience of a passing stranger as he encounters the occupants of Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte weaves an epic tale of un-rivalled passion between two of the most famous tragic lovers in literary history. Heathcliff, the wild adopted child of the Industrialist, Earnshaw, grows up and falls in love with his playmate Catherine Earnshaw. They form an un-breakable bond as equally wild and rebellious children. However, as with all tragic love stories, destiny throws many obstacles into the path of true love, namely, Edgar Linton, epitomising the very antithesis of Heathcliff as a gentlemanly suitor to Catherine. The two settle down in the neighbouring Thrushcross Grange as Heathcliff takes over Wuthering Heights. The two houses become emotional battle grounds for the various relationships that emerge through the course of the novel, and Heathcliff’s increasing bitterness turns him into a detestable rogue, who nevertheless pulls at the heart strings with the violence of his love for Catherine. This underlying passion simmers its way through the course of the story, culminating in their eternal bond in death.

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