Plays Directory : Same Old Moon

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  • Author
    Geraldine Aron
  • Setting
    Set in London's West End
  • Overview
    An autobiographical portral of how a family learn to deal with the restrictions of English and Irish Society.

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Connected mandy members:

Fiona McGahren
2009, Mother Superior
Irish Showcase Night at The Irish Centre
Pip Walsh
Pip Walsh
Chief Electrician
2009, Lighting Technician
Wexford Opera House
Hayley Allerton
2007, Mother Superior, Cafe Daphne, Mrs Geeny, Nurse
New Greenham Arts
James Care
James Care
2007, Desmond Barnes
New Greenham Arts Centre, Newbury
Stephen Gibbons
2007, Various characters
Helen Hayes, New York
Deborah Charnley
2007, Peace
New Greenham Arts Centre
Becky John
Becky John
2005, Brenda Barnes
Robert Stemson
Robert Stemson
Lighting Technician
2005, Lighting Designer
Judi Dench Theatre