Plays Directory : The Cagebirds

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  • Author
    David Campton
  • Written
  • Overview
    In this allegorical play six birds live in a cage, each totally absorbed in her own particular characteristics. When the Wild One is introduced into their midst by their Mistress, she endeavours to persuade them to break out from their self-imposed dependence and imprisonment into the wider world outside — but her efforts result only in her own destruction at their hands.

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Connected mandy members:

Carly Lindon-Forrester
2019, The Wild One
Stantonbury Theatre
Jemma Bentley
2019, Gloom
Stantonbury Theatre
Gabriel Refatti
2019, The Gayzer
Churchill Theatre Edinburgh
Amelia Whitrod
2018, The Great Guzzler
New Wimbledon Studios
Eleanor Feldon
2018, The Constant Twitting
Rhys Pridmore
Rhys Pridmore
Director, Assistant
2017, Director / producer
Harriet Gandy
2015, Wild One
Bathway, Woolwich
Gina Timberlake
2014, The Mirror-Eyed Gazer
The Musgove
Rebecca Turner
Rebecca Turner
2014, Director, Producer
St Albans Girls' School
Amanda Bailey
Amanda Bailey
Voice Over: English
2013, Mistress
Georgia Ringwood
2013, Gazer
The Lord Stanley
Benjamin Smerdon
2013, Gossip
Eastwood Studios
Amanda Bailey
2013, Mistress
The Lord Stanley
Corinne O'Sullivan
2013, The Wild One
The Basement
Gemma Seren
Gemma Seren
2013, The Great Guzzler
The Lord Stanley
Tasmine Airey
2012, The Inconstant Twitting
Ruddock PAC
Anna Hunscott
Anna Hunscott
Deputy Stage Manager
2012, Technical Stage Manager
LAMDA Linbury Studio
Yaroslava Sydorenko
Yaroslava Sydorenko
Set Designer
2012, Costume assistant
Linbury Studio
Rachel Hopping
2011, Stage Manager
Jane Holloway Hall
Matthew Pieterse
2011, Great Guzzler
Greenside Venue/ Edinburgh Fringe