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  • Author
    Doug Lucie
  • Written
  • Setting
    1980s, Kilburn
  • Overview
    The play is set in the London home of Will, a handsome, well-educated television-documentary researcher, and his attractive, social activist wife, Ronee, who runs a community centre in South London. Anxious to match his wife's liberal concerns, Will has taken over most of the household chores, and has formed a male consciousness-raising group, whose principal interest seems to be a close examination of pornography. Ronee, however, is now involved with a female lover, and her unwillingness to expand the relationship to a menage a trois (as Will would like) has driven a wedge between husband and wife. Further complications arise when Ronee brings home a young battered wife, Ange, whose brutish young husband soon discovers her whereabouts and tries, by force, to take her home.