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  • Author
    W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
  • Written
  • Setting
    Rederring, in Cornwall,
  • Overview
    The opera includes and parodies elements of melodrama, popular at the Adelphi Theatre.[6] There is a priggishly good-mannered poor-but-virtuous heroine, a villain who carries off the maiden, a hero in disguise and his faithful old retainer who dreams of their former glory days, the snake-in-the-grass sailor who claims to be following his heart, the wild, mad girl, the swagger of fire-eating patriotism, ghosts coming to life to enforce a curse, and so forth. But Gilbert, in his customary topsy-turvy fashion, turns the moral absolutes of melodrama upside down: The hero becomes evil, the villain becomes good, and the virtuous maiden changes fianc├ęs at the drop of a hat. The ghosts come back to life, foiling the curse, and all ends happily.