Plays Directory : I Am Not An I

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  • Author
    Stephen M. Hunt
  • Written
  • Overview
    "Hi! – what's an all-American gal like me doing in Rome? Well, I'm meeting girlfriends, cruisin' and droolin' designer shops... OK, so I'm blowing a little alimony from my fourth divorce – neat, huh? But check this – I'm on some strange mist clouded steps and a pretty woman touches my face then just disappears! man trouble maybe? – what's new. And there's this creepy ol' guy who is so getting on my nerves, he scares the crap out of me, makes my skin crawl, but I don't let it show. Goddammit he's back. I'd shake him off, but there's no way off these crazy steps... They make me dizzy, they set my head buzzing... it's all so weird...."

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