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  • Author
    Onatti Theatre Company
  • Overview
    Écris-moi is a play for children who are at their first stage of learning French! Onatti Theatre Company has been producing educational plays for Key Stages 1-4 for the past 12 years.

    Tony's French class has linked up with a school in France and his teacher has asked everyone to choose a French student and then e-mail them - in French of course. Tony chooses one called Renée, whom he thinks is a French boy, and when he gets home he devises a short e-mail in French about himself and sends it to him.

    Écris-moi is a lighthearted play with dialogue in both English and French. It concentrates on basic French vocabulary and phrases, all presented with a great deal of repetition, and uses many visual aids.

    This play also explores differences, and similarities, in culture between the two countries. Above all, this play is very humorous, accessible to all abilities and is carefully pitched at the correct level to introduce lots of basic French language in a fun, realistic and non-stressful format.