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    David Carter
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    This is a story about a virus, my virus. It came to live with me on a dark and stormy night in late August 1998. I thought at first that I should keep it to myself. But it wouldn`t let me. It told me, everyone has a right to express themselves, that condoms are the work of the devil, the new Pope is a diamond geezer, I should avoid taking drugs and monogamous relationships, and that form is no other than emptiness and emptiness no other than form. I shouldn`t call it it, it`s not an it, it doesn`t really like me calling it it. It`s a CAP and it`s a GAG and it`s a POL. It might be my virus, but it`s not my story. VIRAL SUTRA is the story of my virus, a virus that refuses to be called `it`.

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