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  • Author
    William Shakespeare
  • Setting
  • Overview
    Set in the fair city of Verona and in the midst of great rivalries between the Montague and Capulet family, It's love at first sight the minute Romeo sees Juliet whilst gate crashing the extravagant Capulet Ball.
    No sooner had the seeds of love been sown when Romeo is forced to leave Juliet upon discovering their kinship to the oposite sides of the two waring families. They make the vow to see each other again and Romeo flees to account the details of the nights events to his friends. Romeo's closet allies, Mecutio and Benvolio are instrumental in defending him when confronted by the most vicious member of the Capulet family over the romours of their affair and what ensues is a bloody battle whereby Mercutio is slain by Tybalt. Tybalt is then killed by the avenging Romeo and his punishment is that he is to be banished from the city. Fearing they shall never see each other again, Juliet plots to fake her own death in a bid to be reunited with her lover away from the two power struggling factions. But all goes horribly wrong when Romeo does not recieve vital information about the plan and arrives at Juliets Tomb thinking she is actually dead. He swollows poison given to him by an apocathary and life begins to drain away from him. Seconds later Juliet awakes from her slumber to find her lover dead by her side and uses his dagger to take her own life. Apon discovery of the embracing bodies, the two oposing families make a peace pact to ensure that from this point onwards the blood shed will cease forever.

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Alternative Names

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