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  • Author
    Peter Griffith
  • Overview
    Luke and Megan are neighbours. They both belong to
    single-parent families, and they are both in the same
    class at school. But they never speak to each other,
    because they are thirteen years old, and one is a boy
    and the other is a girl.
    But then Luke’s father and Megan’s mother fall in love, and
    Luke and Megan are afraid that their parents will want to live
    together - and that they will want their two children to become
    brother and sister!
    So they make plans to try to stop their parents’ relationship.
    Soon the two adults discover that every time they begin a
    romantic evening together, the most unexpected things

    The Slug in the Shoe is a comedy about the way boys and
    girls see each other. It combines strong visual humour with a
    sensitive approach to the problems of single-parent families
    and the problems of growing up.