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    Ancient Greece
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    The theme of the Electra, which, with the Ajax and Philoctetes, belongs to the Trojan legend, is the same as that of the Mourning Women of Aeschylus, but with a marked difference of treatment. Electra, and not Orestes, is the chief character, and for her Sophocles claims all our sympathies. The scene is laid in front of the palace; but there is no grave of Agamemnon, as in the Aeschylean tragedy. At daybreak enter, as if from foreign lands, Pylades, Orestes and his keeper, who gives him instructions as he introduces him to the city of his fathers. Orestes replies with a speech on the injunction of Apollo and the manner in which he means to execute it, then addresses a prayer to the gods and to his father's house. Electra is heard sobbing within; Orestes wishes to greet her immediately, but is led away to present an offering at the grave of his father. Electra comes out, and in a pathetic address to heaven pours forth her griefs, and in prayer to the infernal deities her unappeased longing for revenge.