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  • Author
    Jayne Blanchard
  • Written
  • Overview
    The play opens with the main characters Lisa and Clint meeting for the first time. Clint has accompanied a friend to Lisa and her mother's mobile home to see Lisa's mother, a prostitute. Clint picks up on the fact Lisa has issues about her mother's situation and begins upsetting her. The next scene opens a few years later and Clint and Lisa have married and have twins who are being cared for by Clint's mother. The couple has been living in a series of motel rooms and are plying a scam whereby Lisa lures young girls into the room where Clint rapes them. Afterwards, Lisa kills the girls. Guilty, Lisa calls the police with anonymous hints on where the bodies are located. The couple get arrested and later on punished.
    The fact Lisa couln not grow emotionally, has lead her living this kind of life.