Plays Directory : Night, London

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  • Author
    Fluxx Improv
  • Written
  • Overview
    With 25 actors, stories played out over 18 nights.

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Andrea Gordon
2009, Amy V Foster
Tristan Bates
Rebecca Banerjee
2009, Improviser
Tristan Bates
Benedetta Castello
2009, Stella Bellini
Tristan Bates Theatre
Ella Martines
2009, Vanessa/Simone
Tristan Bates Theatre
Fiona McKinnon
2009, Eleni Derveni James (Greek)
Tristan Bates Theatre
Joanna Holden
2009, Daphne Proteus
Jacob Mason-Dixon
Jacob Mason-Dixon
Chief Electrician
2009, LX designer
Tristan Bates Theatre
Anna Dentonetti
2009, Marilyn Gascoigne
The Tristan Bates Theatre