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  • Author
    Strabo (Believed)
  • Written
    1st Century BC
  • Overview
    A pretty young, but downtrodden girl lives with her two wicked step sisters who make her complete all of their jobs around the house while receiving no praise.
    One particular evening, they go to a ball where the prince will be. He is searching for a new wife.
    White Cinderella is alone at home working, she is visited by a Fairy God Mother who grants her the chance to go to the ball, however she must return by midnight. She wears a ball gown and glass slippers
    At the ball, Cinderella mees a handsome prince, while enjoying her evening, she suddenly sees the time is close to midnight, in haste, she runs and forgets one glass slipper.

    A while later, the Prince goes to every house trying to find who's foot the shoe will fit. Whoever fits the slipper, he will marry.
    After a disasterous search, the slipper finally fits Cineralla and they marry and live happily every after.

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Alternative Names

Cinderella pantomine