Plays Directory : Tom Sawyer

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  • Author
    Mark Twain
  • Written
  • Overview
    Tom Sawyer is about a young boy growing up by the Mississippi river.

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Connected mandy members:

Faye Lord
Faye Lord
2020, Becky Thatcher
European Tour
Chris Mawson
Chris Mawson
2020, Huckleberry Finn
Caspar Gleave
Caspar Gleave
Child Actor
2017, Tom Sawyer
Jersey Arts Centre
Patrícia Duarte
2017, Aunt Polly
Russ Fagelman
Russ Fagelman
Makeup Artist
2016, Musician/ Percussionist
Mihalis Darnakis
2015, Tom Sawyer
Concert Hall, Thessaloniki
Suzanne Fulton
2013, Various roles
Jennifer Cornish
2012, Aunt Polly
Fergus Grand Theatre
Michal Magen
Michal Magen
2011, Becky Thatcher
Zachary Poorman
2009, Tom Sawyer
Clare Beasley
2004, Becky Thatcher
Eleanor Brunsdon
2000, Becky
Savoy Theatre West End
Rachel Ogilvy
1991, Huckleberry Finn/Becky Thatcher
Contact Theatre, UK Tour
Larry Bowers
Larry Bowers
1982, Judge Thatcher -