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    Fevered Sleep company
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  • Overview
    The Forest was the first piece in a series of projects for children that explore different kinds of landscape. It explored forests as places of transformation and change; places where you encounter things that are not quite what they seem; places where you become lost; where scale, distance and time are confused; and places where we encounter animals and light and darkness and weather.

    Inspired by the forests we know from myth and fairytale, by the real forests that pepper the UK, and by the forests of our imaginations, it played with light and sound and combined things from the natural world (conkers, pine cones, leaves, birdsong, people, trees) with a set made of metal, mirror and glass. It is the first dance-based piece Fevered Sleep has made for children, aimed at children aged 3 to 7.

    Strikingly visual and full of movement, light and sound, The Forest was contemporary dance theatre that combines skilful performance with a specially commissioned soundscape and inventive design.

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