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    Rainbow Theatre
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    The children, in the Company of Will the Jester, find themselves in the Queen’s Receiving Room, on the Eve of the Spanish Armada. Elizabeth is distraught since all her attempts to avoid the conflict have failed. How has it happened? Will and the Children act out the story from when Elizabeth’s father, Henry, first decided he had to provide a male heir to English throne.

    The play tells the story of Henry’s six wives, Edward’s short reign, Mary Tudor and her attempts to bring England back to Catholicism with Philip of Spain, and finally Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots. A Tudor Tale, is fast moving, exciting ( executions and battles!) and makes history understandable and enjoyable. It is performed in the round with children taking part as different characters, serving and advising a Queen, taking part in a galliard,, and much more. They are involved and engaged throughout - and that is why the play remains in their memories both as an entertaining and yet educational experience.

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