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  • Author
    Blue Mountain Theatre
  • Overview
    Blue Mountain Theatre returns for another gripping tale of domestic
    disarray. Two families go under the microscope as they face up to the
    havoc the secrets from their pasts reek on their loved ones.
    Firstly, there’s Kevin, the man, one might say who has it all. All that is
    except the ability to say 'No'! Factor in his wife, Africa and their best
    friend Fanny and the plot thickens. When Fanny brazenly breaks the
    golden rule and makes a play for Kevin - the claws are out! Sometimes
    a woman's just got to do what a woman's got to do!
    Secondly there’s Victoria and the sudden return of her long lost
    ‘Nigerian Prince’, back to reclaim his kingdom. When the daughters
    from both families discover the truth behind their parent’s deception it
    leads to an explosive turn of fate that none could have anticipated.
    This unmissable tale of 'Frienship Betrayed' & 'Love on the Rocks' asks
    the question - even if we forget, can we ever really forgive...
    Blue Mountain continues in its quest to bring new talent of all ages to
    the forefront of theatre whilst tackling social issues no matter how