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  • Author
    Nina Bawden
  • Written
  • Overview
    It's wartime. As the bombs fall, Carrie Willow and her younger brother are evacuated from war-torn London to Wales, where they are sent to live with the bullying and puritanical grocer Mr. Evans, and his timid sister Lou. At their new home, they make friends that change their lives forever, and Carrie experiences a slice of life that she will never forget.

    When Mr. Evans sends the children to fetch the Christmas goose from his elder sister's house, Carrie and Nick discover the mysterious Druid's Bottom. There they meet the strange Mister Johnny who speaks a language all of his own and fellow evacuee Albert Sandwich. But it is the wonderful housekeeper Hepzibah Green who makes everyone's time at Druid's Bottom so magical. Warm and welcoming, loving and caring with a special kind of insight into everyone's heart, Hepzibah tells a brilliant story and has the children spellbound with tales of the haunted forest and the legend of the screaming skull.

    When Carrie and Nick finally leave Wales, Carrie becomes convinced that she has caused the terrible fulfillment of the curse -- until she returns 30 years later with her own children to learn what has become of the forbidding house and her old friends.

    Like Carrie, Nina Bawden was herself a wartime evacuee to Wales. She went on to write over 40 novels, both for children and adults. Carrie's War was first published in 1973.