Plays Directory : Threadbare Greebo

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  • Author
    Clare Shucksmith
  • Written
  • Overview
    In a crumbling house deep in the forest, a woman with needles for fingers sews a boy out of old scraps of cloth. As he makes a desperate bid for freedom, he stumbles across mad scientists, talking tapeworms and falls foul of a very angry mob. Threadbare Greebo must summon up all his resourcefulness, bravery and determination to overcome some increasingly insurmountable obstacles…

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Connected mandy members:

Damien Lloyd-Davies
2012, Crow / Fizzy
Brighton Fringe Festival
Damien Lloyd-Davies
2011, Crow / Fizzy
The People's Show Theatre
Richard Abbey
Richard Abbey
Technician, Chief
2011, Lighting Designer / Technician
Main Hall, People show studios
Damien Lloyd-Davies
2011, Crow / Fizzy / Press
Firestation Arts Center
Arinder Sadhra
2011, Sparky / Ensemble
The Fire Station Arts Centre
Rhys Lawton
Rhys Lawton
2011, Pip
Firestation Arts Centre, Windsor
Zoe Hinks
Zoe Hinks
2007, designer
Quay Arts Centre, Isle of Wight, Lion and Unicorn Theatre
Christopher Bailey
2007, Threadbare Greebo
Quay Arts Centre, Lion and Unicorn Theatre