Play directory : Two and Two Make Sex

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  • Author
    Richard Harris & Leslie Darbon
  • Overview
    Middle-aged George is undergoing the virility crisis and has been seeking reassurance from twenty-something Jane, leaving his elegant Highgate drawing-room for dalliance in her modest Holland Park bed-sitter. The trouble is, something always crops up to frustrate their desires. Either it's an attack of lumbago or a colossal cold or just plain old guilt. Meanwhile, Clare, George's wife, becomes aware of her husband's supposedly secret affair and, when she quite unwittingly meets up with Jane's boyfriend Nick, decides to bring a new impetus to her own life. This is a light-hearted, entertaining piece about likeable people who get themselves into tricky situations, which, when they try to extricate themselves with implausible stories, accelerate beyond control. Climaxing in a final and hilarious confrontation between them all. Richard Harris is known for his famous comedies OUTSIDE EDGE and STEPPING OUT which was a huge success at The Mill in 2004. In this wonderfully funny play he has teamed up with Leslie Darbon to create yet another evening of fun and laughter.