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  • Author
    Robin Hawdon
  • Overview
    Imagine the situation: a bridegrooms wakes on his wedding morning in his own bridal suite, with his bride-to-be about to arrive any moment, and finds in bed beside him - a naked girl. What's more, an extremely attractive naked girl whom, in the depths of his post-stag-night hangover, he can't remotely remember having been introduced to. Imagine then, that, during the ensuing panic to get the stranger dressed and out of the way, the bride arrives and the girl is trapped in the bathroom. Imagine further that the only way out of the dilemma is to persuade the best man to pretend that the hidden girl is his girlfriend, but that his real girlfriend has to be kept ignorant of the fact! By the time the bride's parents and half the hotel staff get in on the act, the chaos reaches nuclear proportions.

    A cross between Fawlty Towers and a Whitehall farce, this hilarious play moves at the speed of light, with a riot a minute that will leave the audience aching with laughter… the perfect medicine for all those thinking about getting married!

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