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  • Author
    John Mcnamara
  • Overview
    It's the day of the high school prom, and Norm Prescot, a love-smitten teenager, is beset with doubts. Will his girlfriend Ann keep their date, or will she claim that she has to stay at the bedside of her aunt Gladys, who (she says) has been stricken with gallstones? As he waits, Norm's agonies multiply; does Ann really have an Aunt Gladys? Or is she just using that as an excuse to pick up with her ex-boyfriend Doug, a thick-headed jock, who is not only captain of the football, baseball, and basketball teams, but also Norm's obnoxious editor on the school newspaper? In a series of imaginative (and very funny) blackouts Norm's worst fears become real as we see all that is going on inside his head through wildly exaggerated daydreams depicting the fear and embarrassment of possible rejection by the girl he loves, and the gnawing suspicion that she has not been faithful to him. All ends happily, however, when Norm is jarred back to reality by Ann's arrival--and, with a sign of relief, accepts her assurances that she really does love him after all.