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  • Author
    Richard Harris (adapted from an original play by Koki Mitani)
  • Overview
    It is set in a world which has overtones of a fascist state: the Censor (Roger Lloyd Pack) is dressed in a uniform reminsicent of a whole slew of dictatorships from Nazi Germany through Slobodan MiloŇ°evic's Serbia to Mugabe's Zimbabwe, but it is, in fact, quite timeless.

    It's a comedy which gets its laughs from a rich variety of sources: character, references to works as varied as Romeo and Juliet, Henry V and One Foot in the Grave, verbal wit, satire and even a touch of slapstick, but underneath is a deeply serious play which examines the place of comedy and laughter in our lives, the clash between the military and theatrical worlds, human relationships and the effects of war. All of this played out in a series of scenes between a government censor and a writer as the latter tries to adjust his script to make it acceptable for performance.