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    It's the night before Christmas and all the shop keepers on the high street watch the clock as their last customers busily buy presents for nearly forgotten loved ones. All is a rush as men, women, boys and girls dash from shop to shop in a frantic race against time. Just off the high street on the corner of a quiet ally one shopkeeper sits and waits, the same as he has sat and waited since the beginning of the festive season. There is nothing to celebrate here! The march of progress has finally caught up with this quaint back street shop and it's owner who looks as if he was carved from the very timber that makes up weathered and worn shop front. This is the Pet shop, or was, for soon the emporium where exotic creatures from around the world could be purchased, will be no more, and instead luxury flats will fill the void where once you could hear the bark of a playful puppy or the squawk of a cheery parrot. Unknown to the owner, one mouse hides in the darkness and cobwebs that now make up the empty shop. A forgotten present, to be left for all time. Follow the adventures of this lonely white mouse as he escapes the pet shop and finds his way to the house where he was to have been a very special Christmas present. With music, song and a joyful happy ending that will make you to believe in Father Christmas this show will captivate and enthral. Was there ever such a cheery Christmas tale.

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