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  • Author
    Simon Reade
  • Written
  • Setting
    The setting is a large house -The Silent House - which is located in an area of the town called The Swamp and is split into various apartments and a couple of attic rooms.
  • Overview
    In one sense, this is a new play, but it's based on five works by the Swedish playwright August Strindberg: The Storm, The Ghost Sonata, After the Fire, The Black Glove and The Pelican. As such, it's a kind of amalgam of a vast array of ideas which in the original works would have amounted to an overwhelming number of acts. Writer Simon Reade has therefore faced the monumental task of having to combine and edit an enormous volume of material taken directly from the originals. The result is a work for a small army of actors who inhabit a relatively small and claustrophobic environment.

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