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  • Author
    Martin Duberman
  • Written
  • Overview
    A biographical play, examining the life of prolific writer and counter-cultural icon Jack Kerouac (On The Road, 1957) and his self-named Beat Generation friends in 1950s-60s America.

    “I wanna see where the rest of those lights on the highway stretch to, prowl and roam, study the real America”

    A fascinating drama, Visions of Kerouac explores the complexities of a man who defined his generation, yet struggled to find a place within it. Fuelled by drink, drugs, sex and the whims of Kerouac’s bohemian friends, including: Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassidy and William Borroughs. Duberman’s play follows Kerouac from the excitement of his early adventures, to his battles with fame, his sexuality, his Conservative Catholic roots and the alcoholism which eventually overtakes him. A vivid portrayal of the key figures of the Beat movement and the man at the heart of this cultural whirlwind.