Play directory : The Interview: The Story of The Holocaust

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  • Author
    Jayson F A Bartlett
  • Overview
    ‘The Interview’ is a powerful, thought provoking play depicting a singular account of the Holocaust.

    Phillip Carter - an enthusiastic reporter arranges an interview with a Holocaust survivor - Ms Ruben. His enthusiasm and personal crusade to show the world why the Holocaust happened is demolished once he comes face to face with Ms Ruben. The reporter transitions almost immediately from interviewer, to interviewee. Ms Ruben's firsthand account of life in the Holocaust quickly exposes the naivety the reporter shows, a characteristic often recognised throughout the world today.

    Through emotional flashbacks, ‘The Interview’ cleverly stages the events of Ms Ruben's life. They demonstrate the happiness, loneliness and the graphic violence endured by those people effected in Germany and the rest of Europe. The intelligent script explores the reality of human ignorance and forces us to question humanity's dark capabilities.