Plays Directory : Three Tall Women

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  • Author
    Edward Albee
  • Overview
    The protagonist of the play, a compelling woman of more than ninety years old, reflects on her life with a mixture of shame, pleasure, regret, and satisfaction. She recalls the fun of her childhood and her marriage, when she had an overwhelming optimism for her future. Yet she bitterly recalls the negative events that resulted in regret: her husband’s extramarital affairs, the death of her husband, and the estrangement of her gay son.

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1 known roles

Connected mandy members:

John Sully
John Sully
Sound Designer
2018, Assistant Sound Designer
Golden Theatre
Marina Hadjilouca
Marina Hadjilouca
Set Designer
2017, Set and Costume Designer
Theatro Dentro
Chantelle Micallef Grimaud
2013, Character 'A'
Penelope Ayles
Penelope Ayles
Assistant Stage Manager
2009, DSM
Penelope Ayles
Penelope Ayles
Stage Manager
2009, Stage Manager
Village Theatre
Caroline Kelly
2008, Woman B
David Ferrier
David Ferrier
Production Manager
2006, Production Manager
Oxford Playhouse
Alexis Scott Tribble
2001, Prop Intern
Stephen Cavanagh
2001, Son
Lyric Theatre, Belfast and Tour
Tudor Kyrilov
1996, The Son