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  • Author
    John Patrick Shanley
  • Written
  • Setting
    New York, USA
  • Overview
    The setting is a slightly seedy neighborhood bar in the Bronx, where a group of regulars (who all happen to be the same age-thirty-two) seek relief from the disappointments and tedium of the outside world. The first to arrive is Denise Savage, a perennial loner who announces that she is still a virgin, but would like to remedy the situation. She is joined by an old school friend, Linda Rotunda, whose problem has been the opposite-too many lovers (and illegitimate children) but who is now fearful that her current boyfriend, Tony Aronica, is losing interest in her. And when the macho Tony comes bursting in shortly thereafter and announces that he is leaving her to pursue "ugly girls," girls who have read books and can teach him something, Linda is desolate. Denise, sensing an advantage, makes a play for Tony, and the action quickens, moving swiftly from zany comedy to tense confrontation which requires the muscle and mediating skills of the taciturn bartender, Murk, who, heretofore, had been content to keep the glasses filled, including that of his mixed-up girlfriend, April, a failed nun who is also a classmate of the others. In the end tensions subside, Linda recaptures Tony, Murk proposes to April, and only Denise remains as she was-still in the limbo of loneliness from which she so desperately wants to escape.

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Rose Stumpf
Rose Stumpf
2019, April White
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2018, Linda
Erin Golightly
2017, Linda
Marilyn Monroe Theatre, LA.
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Grand Central Art Center
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2016, Linda Rotunda
Amy Milligan
Amy Milligan
2015, April White
The Store Front Theatre
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2014, Denise
The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC
Parmida Vand
Parmida Vand
2014, Denise Savage
Studio 106
Angharad Lindley
Angharad Lindley
Stage Manager
2012, Stage Manager/Box Office Manager
TAP Gallery
Oliver Hewett
2012, Murk
Camden Eye
Fiona McKeon
Fiona McKeon
Set Designer
2012, Set and Costume Designer
Performance Space 2
Dan Shearing
Dan Shearing
Assistant Stage Manager
2010, Stage Manager
Hamilton House, Stokes Croft
Ellis J. Wells
2010, Murk
Hamilton House
Peta Maurice
Peta Maurice
2010, April
The Canteen
Jenny Grace
Jenny Grace
2007, Linda Rotunda (Lead)
DUO Theater, NYC
Stefanie Chapman
2005, Denise Savage
Camilla Roman
2004, Denise Savage
Paula DAlessandris
2002, Director
Jillian O'Dowd
2000, Savage
Fitzroy Theatre Sydney