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  • Author
    Lukas Barfuss
  • Overview
    The play concentrates on Dora, a teenager with learning difficulties. For years, drugs have kept Dora docile, never laughing or crying, seldom speaking. Now Dora's mother wants her daughter back. But stopping her medication has unforeseen consequences: Dora's sexuality blossoms and soon her carnal appetite makes the adults uncomfortable and Dora vulnerable. Her animal enthusiasm and openness with which she embraces sex throws light on the hypocrisies of the adults and her parents' own fragile marriage. All adults are suspect here, from her guilt-ridden mother who dresses like a teenager, to her supposedly liberal doctor father, and the employer and travelling salesman who exploit her. Caught in the reflected spotlight of Dora's zest for sex and life, there is nowhere for the adults to hide.

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