Play directory : Spring Storm

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  • Author
    Tennessee Williams
  • Written
  • Setting
    Port Tyler, Mississippi
  • Overview
    Heavenly Critchfield and Dick Miles are arguing about Dick’s career and their future as a couple. Dick wants to head to the river to find work, but Heavenly wants to stay near home and her family. Arthur Shannon, a childhood acquaintance of Dick and Heavenly returns to town and Heavenly begins to question her decision to stay with Dick. Arthur comes to the Critchfields’ home to have a date with Heavenly. The pair do not see eye to eye and talk around each other as neither have any common interests. After Arthur refuses to sleep with Heavenly, Heavenly runs away to find Dick leaving Mrs. Critchfield to lie to Arthur about Heavenly’s whereabouts. Arthur and Heavenly try to speak to each other in private but are never afforded time alone. The pair gives up, leaving Arthur to tend to an intoxicated Hertha, another local girl of the same age. After causing a scene in the library in front of Miss Schlagmann, who never married, Arthur and Hertha fight, leading to the murder of Hertha. Heavenly returned home after discovering that Dick left town without her, only to have Arthur come and confess the murder, leaving Heavenly single with no prospects.