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  • Author
    David Foley
  • Overview
    For over two years, Cressida, a beautiful young widow, has mourned her warrior husband’s death in near solitude. However, on the encouragement of her uncle and meddling matchmaker Pandarus, Cressida agrees to entertain the young and wilful Prince Troilus for tea. This brief encounter sparks an intense relationship, but the gods have other plans and the fate of the young lovers lies in the hands of their families. The story plays out as Troy crumbles and we meet a fascinating panoply of family members: Priam, Troy’s senile king and Troilus' father; his thrusting wife Hecuba, the true power behind the throne; Cressida’s father Calchus, a treacherous prophet who has turned his back on Troy to join the Greek armies and Troilus’ sister Cassandra, cursed by the Gods with an ability to see the future but never to be believed.

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