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  • Author
    George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber
  • Overview
    Oliver Jordan, is an uneasy businessman, whose wife Millicent is planning a dinner party ostensibly in honor of a couple of British aristocrats. She's actually doing it to be seen as one of the active social elite, so all the best people (or the best alternatives) must be invited. These include eccentric actress Carlotta Vance, common-bred social climbers Dan and Kitty Packard, Rebhorn's physician Doctor Talbot and his wife, the fading matinee idol Larry Renault, and so on. But Kaufman and Ferber have provided two twists to this story. The first is that the play's dramatic tension is established almost entirely before the party begins. These characters have every reason to stay apart from one another, as nearly everyone is cheating on, lying to, or stealing from someone else. The second comes from the juxtaposition of the servant characters with their employers. The maid and butler serving the Jordans are enacting their own mini soap opera with the violent limo driver, and Kitty's maid Tiny makes an art of knowing how to keep her eyes open and her mouth shut.