Plays Directory : Isobel's Tree

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  • Author
    Adriano Vessichelli
  • Overview
    Isobel is a young homeless girl who has lost her mother and grandfather. She lives in the year 2190 where there are no trees or in fact any nature at all due to human occupation of earth wiping them out. All that remains is junk and very hot sun and very little water. Without the trees feeding oxygen to the world people have it in canisters. Using a innovative selection of percussion music orchestrated by The Living Junk Orchestra, and coupling that with storytelling and physical theatre and dance Isobel's Tree shows up the world's scary environmental flaws whilst trying to engage the audience with funny characters who accompany and teach Isobel on her journey back through time to see when trees came and went.

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Connected mandy members:

Manolis Emmanouel
2011, Director
Shaw Theatre
Dave Hyett
Dave Hyett
2011, Spanner and supporting Characters
The Colour House and The Shaw Theatre
Camilla Cadier
Camilla Cadier
2011, Projectionist
Berthe Fortin
Berthe Fortin
Costume Designer
2011, Costume Designer
Shaw Theatre
Cheryl Burniston
2011, Isobel
Colour House Theatre & Shaw Theatre, London
Louis Labovitch
2011, Fat Cat